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Available Scale Labels from RJi:

  • Atron Scale Labels: Atron labels for use in Atron LS-100 scales and Atron LS-100N scales
  • Avery Berkel Scale Labels: Avery Berkel labels for use in Avery Berkel IX, Avery Berkel IM, Avery Berkel GM, Avery Berkel M, Avery Berkel GM, Avery Berkel CX, and Avery Berkel GX scales
  • Bizerba Scale Labels: Bizerba labels for use in Bizerba SW and Bizerba 290 scales
  • CAS Scale Labels: CAS labels for use in CAS Lp-1000, CAS LP-1000N, CAS CL-5000, and CAS LP-II (CAS LP-2) scales
  • Digi Scale Labels: NBI Digi labels for use in Digi SM scales, Digi DP scales, Digi wrapper scales, and Digi prepack scales
  • Globe Scale Labels: Globe labels for use in Globe Food Equipment GSP30A scales
  • Hobart Scale Labels: Hobart labels for use in Hobart Quantum, Hobart HLX, Hobart Ultima, Hobart Access, Hobart SD100, Hobart SL100, Hobart SP-80, Hobart SP-1500, and Hobart SP2-1500 scales
  • Ishida Scale Labels: Ishida labels for use in Ishida Astra, Ishida AC, Ishida BC, Ishida SR, Ishida Uni-7, Ishida DP, Ishida IL, Ishida IP, Ishida wrapper scales, and Ishida prepack scales
  • Kubota Scale Labels: Kubota labels for use in Kubota FP-900, Kubota FP-910, Kubota FP-920, and Kubota FP-ONE scales
  • TEC Scale Labels: Toshiba TEC labels for use in TEC SL-57, TEC SL-66, TEC SL-6600, TEC SL-9000, TEC H-9100, TEC BC-4000, and TEC SL-5300 scales
  • Toledo Scale Labels: Mettler Toledo labels for use in Toledo 315, Toledo 325, Toledo 350, Toledo 8442, Toledo UC, Toledo Impact, and Toledo bPro scales
  • Tor Rey Scale Labels: Tor Rey labels for use in Tor Rey PLS-40L, Tor Rey LSQ-40L, and TLS-40L scales
  • Weldotron Scale Labels: Weldotron labels for use in Weldotron 9000 series scales
  • Universal Safe Handling Labels: USDA Safe Handling labels for hand applying to meat and poultry packages

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